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healthy eating plans

Focusing on healthy eating plans in Bangor

Little Stars Private Day Nursery aim to promote healthy living by offering healthy eating plans and after school snacks for children.

Wide variety of healthy food and related activities

Little Stars Private Day Nursery provides a healthy eating plan. The older children take part in a healthy eating scheme organised by Ulster Community and Hospital Trust. A balanced and nutritious meal is provided in addition to morning and after school snacks. Mealtimes are supervised to achieve desired table manners and social skills.
Each month we provide opportunities for your child to taste and make foods from our chosen country e.g. Spanish month will include food such as paella and tapas.

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food and related activities

Morning and afternoon break

We provide breaks to the children in the morning and afternoon. This consists of a plain biscuit or bread as outlined below and a variety of fruit as follows:

  • Wheaten bread, Veda bread, pancakes, bagels, toast, sandwiches, fruit loaf, scones and plain biscuits
Accompanied with a selection of two of the following:
  • Apples oranges strawberries, blueberries, melon, grapes, bananas pears kiwis raisins and cheese

  • The children receive 1/3 pint of milk daily. We also provide water throughout the day

Parents are allowed to bring breakfasts for their children. We request parents to help us by bringing a healthy option.
nursery menu

Sample lunch menu at our nursery

Irish stew
Fruit yoghurt/fromage frais
Roast chicken, potatoes and butternut squash
Jelly and ice cream
Macaroni bolognese
Sponge pudding and custard
Breaded salmon, potatoes and garden peas
Angel Delight
Chilli con carne (mild) and boiled rice
Rice pudding
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